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Rethinking Living Spaces in a Post-CoVid World

Posted: Jan 29,2021

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has indeed changed the way we live, work and play. Stringent lockdowns were imposed to safeguard the population putting most in unfamiliar territory. For once (or actually almost a year) there is no morning rush, no traffic to deal with, no hefty parking fees to pay, but then again there was no place to go but home.

What was once a place of refuge from the outside world, homes were hastily reorganized into work from home stations, classrooms and even workout spaces. Even with a vaccine in sight, the shift to a home-based set up is here to stay. With that said, it may be time to rethink our living spaces in a post pandemic world.

From Open Spaces to Defined Spaces

Have you ever heard of the saying, “don’t bring your work home”? The pandemic left us no choice but to mix it up with our outside lives inside the comforts of our homes. Bedrooms turned into classrooms, while dining tables were turned into workstations. By designating a particular place as say a home office, you have a defined line on where to “leave your work”. Pocket doors allow you to maintain privacy while efficiently subdividing areas. If space is a constraint and “planting” is your thing, line up several pots that will act as a perimeter between work and leisure zones. Not only is it cost effective, the green hues of the plants are also easy on the eyes allowing you to focus on your tasks in a relaxed setting.

Outdoor Living Options

Being home isn’t bad, but staying indoors for too long isn’t good either. When building your future home, consider having open spaces that will allow you to be outdoors within the confines of your property; this can be in the form of a balcony, a small patio or a fully landscaped backyard. If you’re looking to maximize space, consider installing a skylight that will bring natural light into your home.

The Covid-19 shifted real estate demand from city living where comfort can sometimes be traded for convenience, to suburban living that allows for wide open spaces that are still close to life’s conveniences.

 If you’re more inclined to vertical living, make it a point to choose a developer that doesn’t sacrifice space for all out profitability. There are a wealth of vertical developments for every type of buyer that provides well thought out amenities such as a garden, outdoor and indoor pool, playgrounds and fully equipped fitness centers. Surely this will be a trend for developers as well from here on out.

Less is More. It’s Time to Make Smart Purchases

It is highly likely that during the lockdowns, some homeowners may have realized that they have more stuff than space. By decluttering, homeowners can free up some space for post Covid-19 living. Once crowded or even unused rooms can be repurposed to make way for a home office, home gym or a study/library area. There are multiple storage facilities and innovative solutions that can help homeowners free up some space at minimal costs.

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