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How to Make Your Apartment Pet-Friendly

Posted: Mar 24,2022

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Moving to a smaller space can be daunting since there are a lot of adjustments and challenges. All the more if you have pets with you. So, if you are moving to an apartment like in Makati premier condo for rent, you should consider first some few things:

·       Browse only pet-friendly properties

·       Check the rules of the properties about having pets

While many properties found in Earthauz are becoming more pet-friendly, there should not be a problem in finding your new apartment. But of course, it’s better to plan ahead since it will not just be your place anymore, but also for your furry ones!

Invest on pet-friendly furniture

Pet-friendly furniture means avoiding materials that are not suitable when living with pets such as silk, velvet and tweed as these are vulnerable to scratches and stains. Look for furniture with synthetic microfiber or other outdoor fabrics that are stain-resistant or ask the furniture stores which ones they recommend. It is also advisable not to pick light colors as stains will very visible.

Buy tall trash bins with lids

Pets are usually attracted to trash bins for some reason. To avoid your trash of old food and plastic wraps lying on your floor, look for high trash bins with cover that us also durable and secured. Low-lying trash bins should be totally avoided especially in your kitchen and bathroom in luxury condo for rent Makati.

Put medications out of reach

Many of these pills and medications are harmful or deadly to animals. You must make sure that they are placed on high shelves that is out of sight If your furry pets. This also goes to some food that can be poisonous to them such as chocolates, raisins and others.

Choose for tile flooring than putting carpet

While carpets are aesthetically great, they are not the best choice when living with pets. Aside from they are absorbing bad odors, carpets are bound for stains and scratches. If your place has tiles, leave it as is and forget about buying a carpet. 

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