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Why People Choose to Live in Makati City

Posted: Jul 09,2020

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Living in Makati City is a dream for many people in the Philippines. Even though it's often portrayed as a fast-paced and hectic place to live in, many Filipinos still know it as the city where success can happen for everyone, and those who call Makati home will tell you there's no other place in the country like it.

No matter how busy things get, people living in Makati always find the time and place to enjoy everything the city has to offer. There are just so many reasons to live in Makati. Here are our top five:

Career Opportunities

From startups to the country's biggest brands, whatever your career aspirations may be, you'll find your dream job in Makati. Whatever field you’re in, be it advertising, banking, or software engineering, there's a company and a job for you in this city that will further your career.

Additionally, one of the benefits of living in Makati is that you'll be close to your work! With so many residential properties, you won't find any difficulty finding an apartment or condo in Makati. You can even find one that's just a 5-minute walk away from your office.


Living near a school is a smart decision for both parents and children. It helps save parents on commuting expenses and provides kids with more time to do their homework or engage in extracurricular activities.

One of the many benefits of living in Makati is that you have a wide selection of educational institutions to choose from. Top schools in the country like Assumption College, Don Bosco Technical Institute, Colegio San Agustin, MAPUA, and iAcademy are all situated in different parts of the city. If you’re already planning on moving but don’t know where to live in Makati, find a place that’s near your chosen school. What’s even better is that most of these institutions have school buses for students who live near so you won’t have to worry about taking time off your already busy schedule to pick up your kids.

Leisure and Entertainment

No matter where you want to live in Makati, you’ll never get bored with the plethora of entertainment options in the city. Makati has everything: popular shopping mall complexes like Glorietta and Greenbelt, fascinating museums, parks with lush greenery, local food markets, quirky cafes, exciting bars, trendy clubs, and more. You’ll always find something fun to do after work and every weekend. There's just no shortage of places to hang out in this city that seldom sleeps.

Love a quick jog after work? Strap on your FitBit and run a few laps under the canopy of trees in Ayala Triangle Gardens. During the weekends, the place is even more vibrant and alive as headline-hot events happen all year round from pop-up libraries and mini concerts to the annual festival of Christmas Lights.


This is probably one of the most popular reasons to live in Makati: the glorious mouth-watering food everywhere.  Known as Metro Manila’s most delicious district, Makati is home to a wide range of restaurants and bars every foodie will love. No matter what you need – coffee, sushi, alcohol, or even breakfast during dinnertime, Makati’s sure to have a restaurant or a bistro for all your cravings.

Whether you're craving Asian fusion cuisine, organic street food, outstanding craft coffee, or the sweetest slice of strawberry cheesecake -- you'll find all these and more at Makati. The best part? Sometimes they're just around the corner.


Makati is a big city but once you start living there, it'll feel like a cluster of small towns each with their own distinct personality and flavor. From Legaspi Village's residential buildings, quaint coffee shops, Jolly Jeeps, advertising agencies, and homegrown restaurants to Poblacion's dive bars, hipster hostels, and kitschy-themed restaurants -- each neighborhood is just brimming with character and culture and something for everyone.

The neighborhoods also offer residential options at different price points, from studio apartments for fresh college grads to the most exclusive luxury condo in Makati.

Fashion, Arts, and Culture

Makati City is a hub of creativity, arts, and culture. Home to museums such as Ayala Museum, Museo ng Makati, Yuchengco Museum, and art galleries such as The Drawing Room, Manila Contemporary, and Silverlens, you'll have a glimpse at the best in Filipino history and creativity.

Institutions like Instituto Cervantes and Alliance Francaise de Manille also host-week long festivities that celebrate the best of Spanish and French cinema. Onstage Greenbelt and the RCBC Theater hold plays, musicals, and other live performances.

Want to shop the most fashionable designer boutiques in the country? Greenbelt, Rustan's, and Rockwell all house world-class designer brands for all your high-end apparel needs.


When you live in a condo or a townhouse in Makati, convenience isn’t an issue as each village and district has everything outside your door. Banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, gyms, coffee shops, salons, and restaurants -- all of these will be a quick walk or a short one-ride commute from where you live.

You also don't have need to worry about raindrops on your head or a nasty sunburn from walking. When in the City Center, you can pass through its elevated walkways or duck under in its many underpasses. The streets of the villages are also lined with plenty of trees to provide you with the shade you need from the elements.

Easy Navigation

As there are many public transportation options and walkways, you'll never need a car when going around Makati and its many districts. If you feel intimidated, hailing a taxi or booking a Grab won't be difficult because they're always around the city.

What's even better is that Makati City has long championed pedestrianism, which means you can just walk on foot from one neighborhood to the other. As everything falls into a grid, the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.


Makati is simply the city in the Philippines that never sleeps. By nightfall, the neon lights in Poblacion flicker to life and people from all over the metro troop to all the restaurants, pubs, cafes, and sports bars that line the streets of the vibrant district. With hundreds of establishments to choose from, you’ll get a decadent taste of various cuisines and beverages from all over the world.

If you’re the type to party the night away, there are plenty of clubs where you can drink and dance to your heart’s content. After all, Makati is a great place to spend the weekend with your best friends or unwind with workmates after a long day’s work.

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